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William A. (Tony) Corbett
2789 Horseshoe Knoll Ln.
Roswell, GA  30075
(404) 784-4737

 Education    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Valdosta State College, 1984

 Hardware    AS400, S/38, S/36, IBM PC/compatibles

 Languages    RPGIV, RPG400, RPGIII, RPGII, Cobol, Pascal, Basic, SQL, Cognos Powerhouse, HTML, Javascript

Certifications   IBM Certified Specialist AS400 RPGIV Developer, March 2001

 Work Experience

3/93 to present      AS/Resources, Inc.  Consultant/President
 Consulting Assignments for AS/Resources, Inc.

3/2004 to 9/2005 Space Flooring & Supplies, Inc.
                                   IT Director
(acting)  Smyrna, GA 30082
Objective of consulting assignment is to bring the company up to speed on technology introducing new technology and enhancements where appropriate.
Projects completed and implemented satisfactorily and in a cost-effective manner include:

  • Bring all PC equipment up to latest release(s) of software, including Windows XP, iSeries Access, Microsoft Office, Symantec antivirus.
  • Upgrade most of the existing PC hardware and software
  • Procure and implement Integrated Netfinity server on AS400, running Windows 2003
  • Design and implement company intranet
  • Update AS400-820 to OS400 V5R2, OS400 V5R3.
  • Procure and install new iSeries I5-520
  • Release upgrades to packaged software running on AS400
  • Design and implement an automated Fax400 solution to automate transmittal of customer documents and sales specials
  • Design and implement Time Tracking system, to circumvent purchase of a $25,000 timeclock solution, including interface to PC-Based payroll application
  • Other projects, as requested, details available

 11/96 to 11/2003     UniPro Foodservices, Inc.

        Technical design, implementation, modifications, and enhancements to UniPros current system.
        Design, create, implement automated report distribution system, via email for internal/external users.
        Multiple release upgrades, modifications, and enhancements to Infinium AR, AP, GL, IR, IQ modules.
        Technical design, coding, and implementation of a Logistics subsystem.
        Technical design, coding, and implementation of a Bid Development, tracking, and pricing subsystem.
        Technical design, coding, and implementation of a Product Label Inventory and tracking subsystem.
        Implementation of Biscom/ECS fax solution for AS400 and Windows NT
        Implementation of Facsimile/400 fax solution
        Implementation of Ethernet network for AS400, AS400 clients, and coexistence with NT network.
        Implementation of TCP/IP on both the NT and AS400 systems.
        Implementation of NET.DATA and HTTP (WWW/internet browser interface) on the AS400.
        OS400 release upgrades from version 2.3 to 3.2 to 3.7 to 4.3. to 4.5 to 5.2
        In charge of AS400 system maintenance and upgrades, including PTF and Client Access installations, LIC upgrades, service pack installations, DASD procurement and installations, multiple instances of hardware upgrade and installation.
        Planning, transportation, installation, and CISC to RISC migration to AS400 (RISC).
        Procurement, installation and implementation of an AS400-720, migrating from AS400-510

11/97 to present      BMC Solutions, Inc.  Kennesaw, GA
        Support and maintenance of BMC AS400 and Cisc-to-Risc upgrades/installation/system support for multiple BMC Clients.
        Short-term projects from time to time, maintenance and upgrades to BMC AS400 client-server network, disaster recovery specialist for BMC clients, technical support for BMC clients, technical reps and technicians.

3/93  to  1/98       ADResources, Inc.,  Roswell, GA
        Design, implementation, and support of CAPS, Coop Advertising Processing System, A comprehensive system on AS400 supporting national dealer databases and contracts with over 1200 newspapers with multiple levels of advertising rates.  System includes Windows-like functionality, such as mouse support, as well as 5250 terminal support.  Extensive user interface and database/screen/program design.
        Support of existing systems, including ADINPUT and ADMAN, and custom Cobol/400 and RPG400 processing and reporting.
        Provide support for ADMAN advertising system.  Windows95/Novell Netware coexistence and integration with the AS400 on an ethernet network.
        Designed and implemented custom interface of AS400 and PC environment using PCSupport/Client Access and PC-based applications.

Other Contract Assignments for AS/Resources, Inc.

 Dress Code, Atlanta, GA
        Disaster recovery from system crash
        Procurement and installation of AS400-F45 system
        Upgrade from OS400 V2R2 to V2R3 to V3R2
Wattyl Paints, Inc., Atlanta, GA
        OS400 configuration and performance tuning. 

Price-McNabb Advertising, Charlotte, NC.
        Migration of data from AS400 DB2 format to Windows NT network software package.

 Bleyle, Inc., Newnan, GA.
        Cisc to Risc migration, upgrade B35 from V2R2 to V2R3 to V3R2, then migrate system to Risc AS400-610 V4R1..     

 Healthfield, Inc.
        Created design, functional, and technical specifications for a nurse appointment scheduling and time tracking system. 

American Southern Insurance

       Conversion and installation of AS400-170.

Atlantic Relocation Systems
Support/maintenance of AS400 systems.

 11/89 to 7/92     AS400 Consultant  Dracs Consulting Group, Inc. 

        SuperClub Music - Design and analysis work on multiple applications (inventory, warehousing, P.O.S, etc) using RPG400

        Computeristics - System analysis and modifications of a VAX-based system to native AS400 using externally-described files, project structured to allow Query access to database.

        Federal Reserve Bank - Enhance and maintain CASH Inventory System on AS400 using AS400 COBOL and CL, System analysis, prepare technical documents for modification requirements and enhancements and new programs and subsystems, participate in interviews of new candidates and employees, extensive use of COMMIT and ROLLBACK data integrity functions of OS400.

CEP Consulting Group, Inc.

        Upgraded/converted County Government Sheriffs Department system from S/36 RPGII/OCL to RPG400/CL.

Allied Insurance Services

        Responsibiliteis included  development, customization and support of property and casualty insurance package for several clients on AS400 and S/38, using Cobol/400.  Project leader on upgrade project converting old S/38 Cobol programs to native Cobol/400.

American Software

        Responsibilities incuded  AS400 programming/development using American Software procedures and 400 and OS400 development tools.  Converted S/36, S/38,  AS400, RPGII, RPGIII, RPG400, Cobol programs to Cobol/400.  Involvement in the design, development and implementation of custom modifications and conversion programs on AS400 using Cobol and CL in native 400 and S/38 modes.  Development of in-house and on-site technical design documents and programs for custom modifications to existing American Software programs as well as new custom programs and interfaces to S/38, S/36 and mainframe systems.  Development of productivity tools and procedures for use on-site and in-house.  Served as on-site consultant for American Software accounts for customization of Customer Order Processing System (COPS) to develop technical specifications, program modification and development, implementation and support of systems.  For a major lighting manufacturer, played a key role in project as on-site consultant for conversion and interface of COPS to S/36 and S/3090 systems in a systematic conversion to exclusive use of the AS400.

 Permanent Positions

 3/95 to 9/96       Healthfield, Inc.    MIS Director
        All IS development, QA, implementation and support.
        Responsible for telecommunication including internal systems, remote communication to branch sites via point-to-point and dial-up connections,  electronic claims submissions and data to private payers, Medicaid, Medicare, and financial entities, maintenance and vendor selection for telephone and computer systems company wide.
        System upgrade selections, vendor selection and relations, approval of all IS or communications related POs and invoices.
        Hiring, training, and management of all MIS employees, currently consisting of 3 Programmer/Analysts, 2 support personnel, 1 QA employee, temporary contractors and technical writers for documentation of systems.

7/92 to 3/95       Healthfield, Inc.  Sr. PA/Project Leader

        Technical Supervisor/Systems Designer on major development effort, supervising 2 consultants, 3 programmer/analysts, 2 technical writers, QA and support staff.
        Designed database, functional and technical specifications for completely new comprehensive Home Healthcare Management System, including visit scheduling, claim processing, contract and subcontract subsystems, patient billing, patient reporting, managed care and utilization tracking and reporting, revenue management, cost, revenue and expense accounting, collections system.  Designed and implemented interface to Specialized Clinician Pharmacy system, Syntellect Interactive Voice Response system for visit/shift entry used as billing and payroll data. and Dictaphone system for telephone entry of nurse notes.
        Produced functional and technical specifications for multi-branch, multi-client system using Joint-Application-Design techniques.
        Responsible for system design, programming standards and methodology, quality control, implementation, and installation of system written in RPG400 using extensive subfile processing, OPNQRYF, in-line SQL, SDA, DDS, display files and printer files.
        Extensive user interface and database/screen/program design.
        Design and develop procedures and interfaces to existing systems using structured subsystem implementation, interface, and phase-over 

7/84 to 8/85     Gerber-Alley, Inc.    Analyst/Project Leader

        Responsible for projects consisting of upgrading client hospitals from one release of The Alternative Hospital Information System to the next.  This included analysis of daily jobstreams and all custom code, retrofitting the custom modifications into the newer version and eliminating custom code where possible.  Payroll Specialist on Technical Review Board  responsible for review/analysis of custom requests and software reports from clients to provide analysis of modification, determine billing criteria to be used, create technical specifications and assistance to programmer assigned to task.  Served as primary backup to General Accounting Specialist.  Responsible for quality control of deliverables, review task turnover documents/code for accuracy and completeness.

8/85 to 9/88       Computer Dimensions, Inc.  Sr. Programmer/Analyst

        Served as project leader in development, installation, and support of TAMS,  a comprehensive Apparel Management System, including manufacturing, order processing, inventory, Work-in-Process tracking, Piece Rate payroll, distribution, and accounting modules, developed using Cobol36/OCL running in SSP operating system.  Implementation, installation, and support of 50 - 60 client installations in several states and Puerto Rico with extensive customizations, modifications, and conversions from several competing vendor's software systems.

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